The Factory Game Plan

We believe in taking a holistic approach to our athletes that not only allows for better on-field results, but also allows our athletes to recover faster, reduce injuries, grow interpersonally, and to play at the next level. All of our athletes that have followed the Game Plan have ended up excelling in sports and life. Come in and sit down with our coaches and have a personalized Game Plan designed for you.


What is SPARS?

SPARS is The Factory Training’s Scientifically designed speed, agility, and performance program that builds the 5 disciplines of athleticism.

SPARS Experience

The SPARS Experience consists of a Free Movement Assessment, Daily Classes, Coaches, Top Performance Equipment, and Injury Prevention & Recovery.

Leveling Up – SPARS Testing

“Leveling Up” is our latest enhancement to the SPARS™ program that will change how youth performance training programs are designed and tested. All of our athletes will now need to meet our rigorous and objective testing standards to move up to the next level of SPARS classes. Those who work to achieve these testing standards will not only earn the respect of their peers but – similar to Karate- will earn a different Factory t-shirt. This unique testing standard will now allow our athletes to have objective goals to strive for and the added incentive of reaching the next level of training so that they can sport a level-unique Factory shirt.