The Factory Training has created a wellness and injury prevention program solution that allows for healthier employees and will help reduce workplace absences and overall healthcare costs.

Our base program was created for the employees of the Veterans Affairs (VA) and provides not only a challenging yet fun training regimen but also continued quarterly objective data collection through questionnaires and physical testing. The results are provided in report form to the Company/Government Entity and the participants – to allow for adjustments to the program and an objective means to track the progress of the participants.

Included Services

Customized program designed by The Factory Training’s Director of Programming – which can be administered either at The Factory Training Facility or at entity location if space permits.

Participants will be provided an opportunity to join The Factory’s adult fitness program at the deeply discounted monthly price of $80 to supplement program training sessions

Assessment will be administered at The Factory Training (5915 Kester Ave., Sherman Oaks, CA 91411) due to length of each test taking 30 minutes

Program and individual results will be provided to hiring entity for program evaluation and use by the Entity to help offset insurance costs

Both the initial and the quarterly results will be provided in a report to each participant

Bio-mechanical and Functional Movement Assessment

Field Testing and Questionnaires at Program Location

Quarterly testing and participant evaluation