Private/Semi Private Training

Private and Semi-Private programs are a great option for athletes that are:

  • Looking for the extra attention that our class sizes do not allow for;
  • Coming off of injury;
  • Want to have a more sport-specific program designed for them; or
  • Need a flexible schedule to meet their training needs

Schedule your private training consultation and physical assessment today.

Meet the Team

The Factory Training has assembled a staff of performance coaches each with their own individualized coaching style and personality, all geared toward making the time you spend at The Factory Training about making an upgraded version of yourself. Each of our coaches and trainers hold national certifications in training and have all competed at a high-level in athletic competition and have experienced the highs and lows of sport. Become #FactoryMade today!

Los Angeles-based Alexis Lawson is a Louisiana State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Human Movement and a concentration in Physical Therapy. She comes from a profound athletic and artistic background. She is a very well-rounded individual who grew up playing softball, volleyball, track & field, gymnastics, and competitive dancing. Her passion…

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