The Factory Training philosophy specifically correlates to the dynamic movement of all field and court sports. The goal is to challenge the body in multiple planes of movement as well as linearly to fully encompass all qualities needed to be a successful athlete, regardless of the sport. Developing speed, movement, strength, agility, force production, power and resiliency in the body is our goal and we are confident in achieving this with the correct mindset and focus from the athlete.

Youth & Advanced Performance & Speed Training

Our performance-training program addresses athletic development for athletes in all sports. Athletic components such as precise coordination, movement, strength, power, change of direction (agility), and sudden explosiveness are maximized through our exclusive coaching and programming methods.Our athletes enter competition with noticeably

TF Professional Athlete Performance Development

The Factory’s sport-specific pro programs are engineered to enhance performance for the world’s most elite athletes. The intense training curriculum maximizes an athlete’s off-season gains to achieve maximum regular season results, while addressing areas of weakness or instability to decrease the potential of in-season injury.

Baseball 5 Tool Performance Training

The offseason is upon us and the ability to drastically upgrade the physical tools to make an impact on baseball performance is now available to you. The Factory has formulated a 12-week program focusing directly on the physical components that help create 5-tool baseball talent.Our goal is to improve speed, throwing velocity, bat speed

TF Tennis Academy

TF Tennis Academy was created with the junior player in mind. Its sole purpose is to provide comprehensive strategies to enable maximal performance enhancement. We take a movement approach to performance increases by focusing on three aspects of movement effectiveness and efficiency.

Functional Movement Analysis

The Performance Lab of California is a new category within the sports and fitness industry. Our purpose is not therapy or training, it is to quantify your body through analytics. If you think that is too much, I assure you it isn’t. Before starting training or therapy understanding your movement is vital.

High School Combine Training

The Factory has a rich history in helping the nation’s top college football players improve their draft stock at the NFL Combine or college Pro Day. We take the same methodology and approach and provide it to high school football athletes who are looking to gain more attention from potential college choices.