Malcolm Smith

“I know that he is knowledgeable, Mike helps me move well and makes me a better athlete. I choose the Factory because I have been working with Mike for a long time. We have a history together since 2011, where he helped me prepare for my NFL Combine Debut. I know that he is knowledgeable, he helps me move well and makes me a better athlete.” – Malcolm Smith, Linebacker of the Oakland Raiders & Former Super Bowl MVP for the Seattle Seahawks

Jrue Holiday

“I have been working with Mike for the last 4 years and after my surgery. I knew Mike would be the best fit for me for returning to all-star form. He has helped me tremendously with my rehab and beyond making me the strongest I have ever been, but still able to move with explosion and smoothness. His training style and philosophy are very unique but caters to athletes very well.” – Jrue Holiday, Point Guard for the New Orleans Pelicans

Justin Holiday

“Mike’s energy, approach, and attitude towards making athletes great is unparalleled. His training philosophy is unlike any other place and his passion is contagious. I have worked with Mike for the past 4 summers and I have gotten better every year.” – Justin Holiday, Guard for the Atlanta Hawks

Julius Thomas

“When you surround yourself with people that have passion, they have goals and they are striving for something, it cant help but trickle down to you. If you are around people who are motivated and their excited about what they do every day, that’s going to make you get in the car and say if Mike G loves what he doing and he wants to be the best at it … That’s what I want…I want to be the best at it.” — Julius Thomas, 2x Pro Bowl Tight End Jacksonville Jaguars

Jordan Cameron

“Mike G’s style of training is very transferable to any sport that requires athletic movement. He always considers my specific physical needs on the field, and finds a way to incorporate that into the training. His knowledge of diet and recovery adds to a more complete program which is key for any professional athlete trying to go to the next level.” – Jordan Cameron, Miami Dolphins

Lauren Holiday

“I started training with the Factory in 2010, right before the 2011 World Cup and i have been training with them ever since. I believe that performance training is important, especially at an elite level. Everyone is so good and you have to separate yourself in some way and in 2010 I noticed such a difference, so many things like my sprint times, jumping ability and my overall strength and endurance, that I did so much better in the 2011 World Cup, I was a full believer after that.” – Lauren Holiday, Retired Midfielder and Forward for the Women’s U.S. National Soccer Team & FC Kansas City Team- Women’s National Soccer League.