Performance Lab of California

The Factory Training has partnered with Performance Lab of California to become the first training facility on the west coast to offer its clients a movement assessment solution that utilizes the most advanced motion capturing technology available – the same technology used by the military, Disney, Ubisoft, Warner Brothers, Cerner Corporation, and the University of Missouri Athletics. PLC’s independent and objective computer-based movement analysis identifies specific movement deficiencies in each individual so that the necessary corrective exercises can be implemented into each individual’s training regimen.

PLC’s objective data combined with the most advance training techniques in the field allows The Factory to create a comprehensive program that corrects movement imbalances and maximizes training results.


Sherman Oaks, CA (November 2015) TVT is a group of the best youth basketball players in the San Fernando Valley. The new partnership with The Factory will provide an extensive training program that will bring out the best in the young athletes as they amplify their output. “The Factory is excited of its new partnership with TVT Basketball,” says Mike Guevara, Director of Performance at The Factory. “We pride ourselves on our unique training philosophy that not only creates stronger and more agile athletes, but also educates and empowers them to be the best they can be. We look forward helping the TVT Basketball players become part of the ‘Factory Made’ team.”

“TVT Basketball & The Factory Training collaboration falls in line with both organizations mission to prepare and develop our athletes for the next level.” -Ryan Topacio Founder “TVT Girls Basketball and The Factory Training are two staples for girls in the valley, providing safe, fun, healthy opportunities to become better student athletes.” -Adam Levine Program Director

“TVT & The Factory Training are the perfect Team!” -Omar Rodriguez Co-founder & Director of Public Relations


Premier Development Academy

Sherman Oaks, CA (May 2015) – The Factory Training continues to emerge as one of SoCal’s leaders in performance training for all ages. Focused on offering an intense and effective curriculum engineered to enhance the skills and abilities of athletes of all ages, The Factory is ramping up their soccer offering with a partnership with Premier Development Academy.

Premier Development Academy was founded by Alyze Pierce, a Harvard Law School alumnus, who traded her career as a successful litigator to create a profitable business rooted in sharing her love of soccer. Upon deciding to pursue a new career in soccer training and development, Pierce started her business in 2012 with one boy and three cones. She has since grown her business to touch nearly 400 youth athletes.

“I am thrilled to partner with The Factory Training to provide soccer players with the training to reach their maximum athletic potential,” says Pierce. “80% of youth drop out of team sports by age 11, largely due to the perceived lack of fun in sports. This partnership will ensure that my focus on maintaining the fun of the sport is matched with the skill of the pros,” she added.

Veteran pro-sports trainer Mike Guevara oversees the programming and guarantees that professionals and emerging athletes are skillfully trained and developed for excellence in their individual sports. He stated, “Alyze offers an ultra-unique and effective approach to soccer training. When you combine this with our elite performance training, we will provide a complete solution to soccer players seeking a grand advantage over all competition.”

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