“I really want to be in shape.” The thought has passed through my mind numerous times. And it passes through the minds of everyday people constantly, multiple times per day. Some obsess over it. The desire for one to reach further and to be more is innate in human beings. We can thank that very nature for propelling us through evolution but how do we transform thought and desire into achievement and success? How do we succeed at getting into shape? In someone's countless efforts to succeed at anything, how does he or she do it? What leads to success? At The Factory Training, we believe it's our MINDSET. Success is 20% Mechanics and 80% Psychology. In other words, HOW you think about success is 4X more important than WHAT actions you take to be successful. It may sound counter intuitive but what happens before anything happens is critical. Think about that for a second.... exactly! THINK ABOUT THAT. Be thoughtful. Why do you want to be in shape? What does being in shape look like to you? Answering these questions will reveal your psychology. And answering your own questions is the 80% you must add to your current “getting in shape” routine. Be thoughtful, and you just might begin to believe in the success that awaits you. Fitness enthusiasts inadvertently disconnect their minds from vigorous exercise but I believe me when I tell you that all success begins and ends with the mind. Think a bit more and search for your answers, and you too will be a success story. It’s inevitable, really. The road to success is a well paved one. People all over the world from every background imaginable have left their success trail behind for us to use. So much so that it would take effort to NOT see the path. Before you begin your fitness journey take some time to think about what it all means to you, and then join us at The Factory because we want to take that journey to success with you. From The Factory Team, We All Are... #FACTORYMADE