Free Movement Assessment

Every athlete will be assessed by the only marker-less biomechanics lab in Los Angeles. this assessment provides a personalized report that locates and targets muscle weakness, assymetries, injury risk, and areas to improve.

Daily Classes

We have scientifically developed our own unique classes for all ages, sports & fitness goals (Youth & Adults). These classes progress over the entire year and is designed in a way that allows all 5 disciplines to be addressed. Whether they are going one day or five days, no two classes are the same.


We believe to have the best coaches in the industry with top performance accreditations (NASM & CSS) and kinesiology/exercise science degrees. Without them, there is no #FactoryFamily.

Top Performance Equipment

Along with our biomechanics lab, the only one in California open to the public, we have fit lights, Kaiser functional trainers, power plates, normatech, vertamax, and much more.

Injury Prevention & Recovery

After every class you receive customized corrective exercises provided to each client, dynamic stretching, and rollers, free recovery protein shakes at the end of each session.