Facility & Equipment

Since 2007, The Factory has trained hundreds of professional, Olympic, and youth athletes across all major sports – football, hockey, softball, boys and girls basketball, golf, rugby, lacrosse, baseball, tennis, soccer and track & field. Located in Sherman Oaks, our state-of-the art training facility boasts an indoor 20-yard turf, an outdoor 30-yard turf field, three separate training surfaces to facilitate different training programs, and the top equipment to maximize performance training, speed training, and aesthetic training results. Not only does The Factory Training cater to athletes of all levels, but we also offer the most effective and enjoyable way for adults to reach their fitness goals as well. Take a tour today and see why athletes across all major sports train with us.

Sherman Oaks Location


keiser-imagev1 Utilizes air resistance to maximize movement and power production.


powerplate-imagev1 Vibrating platforms which increase physical effort on the body to facilitate strength, power, flexibility, and fat loss.


Reactive agility lights that can be configured in any movement situation to increase reactive agility, speed, coordination, and athleticism.


vipr-imagev1 Rubber cylinder tubes that come in a variety of weights which help facilitate loaded movement training to make a more resilient athletic body.