Adult Fitness

Our mission for the adult fitness program is to provide everyone in our program the opportunity to train like professionals in a group setting – using the same equipment, performing the same exercises, and applying the same philosophy. Our mission is to help individuals perform better in every aspect of their lives. For those who simply want to look better, we inspire confidence. We strengthen bodies for those seeking to eliminate pain and help improve their agility and movement. Additionally, we provide mental clarity and vitality to those looking to reduce and/or eliminate stress.

The Factory Adult Fitness Philosophy

We believe that life is a sport and the work done in the gym greatly impacts the performance in the game of life.This model meets the needs of every individual separately, by addressing each person’s specific needs for their personal fitness goals. We have developed the Aesthetics, Movement, Power (AMP) model, which is a three-category approach to fitness:


Classes in this category focus on body transformation and are ideal for those who desire to trim some belly fat, tighten up the inner thighs, and firm up the backside. Results are achieved by incorporating a proven scientific approach, free weights, machines, and other tools in addition to body weight.

Booty Boot Camp

This class is all about the glutes. If your goal is to get your butt into shape, this class is for you! Specific glute training techniques are combined with intense cardio bouts to round and tone the butt. While this class has a focus, it burns unwanted body fat for firmer muscles overall.

The NFL Body

Look like your favorite NFL superstar by training with the performance coach that trains the NFL stars. The focus is simple, high-intensity resistance training, which will mold your body into a rock hard specimen. We will lift heavy weights, push heavy sleds, and carry heavy objects to yield the results you seek.


This performance-based course strives to make you the MVP in all aspects of your life. You’ll be challenged with drills the pros do to help them move better, jump higher, sprint faster, hit harder, and perform better overall. Improvements in agility and confidence are to be expected. Come to class with your game face on and channel your inner athlete. In no time, you’ll be a fierce competitor on the court, on the field, or in the workplace.

Adult Athlete

This class consists of a number of elite training components including, but not limited to tire flipping, sled pushing, ladder drills, and barbell squats. This regimen is a throwback to an athlete’s glory days. Heavy weights, speed work, agility training, and movement training are all offered in one sweet hour.

Power Hour

The Power Hour is for the person who needs to sweat. Built for individuals seeking a great workout in a fun setting with good music, this class is the perfect blend of cardio HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training and bodyweight training. Individuals will be challenged both physically and mentally utilizing a number of our free weight pieces of equipment.

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